Eric Smith is a young musician who has grown up in Michigan, USA. He got his start in music by singing in the church choir as a young child and not long after, learned piano, drums, and guitar. He was very involved in school concert, symphony, and jazz bands from elementary school through high school. By age 11 or 12, he had begun writing songs on the piano and that morphed into a songwriting obsession, something that continues today. He has written classically-inspired pieces, jazz pieces, folk/rock/funk/pop songs, percussion pieces, and arranged for several different ensembles ranging in size from a piano trio to marching band.

As high school came to a close, Eric decided to pursue music at a collegiate level. An attraction to jazz for both the intellectual challenge as well as the pursuit of expression led him to attend Michigan State University College of Music as a Jazz Studies - Piano major (Class of 2017), under the program direction of Rodney Whitaker. That attraction to jazz has developed into a love for this American art form as well as many other styles of music. He currently studies jazz piano with Xavier Davis at Michigan State University and has previously studied with Reginald Thomas, Dennis Tini, and Steve Taylor. He has also been coached by singer/producer Herschel Boone.

He has written many songs varying in style and is self-releasing his debut EP Hey There Miss on October 23, 2015.